Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earliest I can drop off my child at the breakfast club?

We open at 7.30am. Due to insurance reasons we cannot open our doors any earlier than this.

Does the Club operate in the holidays?

No. The club currently operates term time only.

Will my child receive a snack in club?

In the breakfast club we aim to serve a healthy and hearty breakfast that sets your child up for the day. In the afterschool club we serve a snack at around 3.45pm – 4.15pm which is designed to keep your child going until they get home and receive an evening meal.

What is the latest I can pick up my child from the afterschool club?

Children must be collected by 6.00pm. Any lateness will be charged at £5 per 15 minutes.

What activities will my child do in club?

They can participate in some of the following during the three terms (Autumn, Spring, Summer):

  • Arts and crafts (All Year)
  • Physical sports by trained sports coaches (Autumn and Summer term)
  • Desk top games (All Year)
  • Baking/ cake decorating (Autumn, Spring)
  • Talent shows (Autumn)
  • Bingo (Autumn, Spring)
  • Quizzes (Autumn, Summer)
  • Easter egg hunts (Spring)
  • Potting and planting flowers (Summer)
  • Speakers visiting the club e.g. Police, Dental Nurse (Autumn)
  • Shows e.g. Creepy Crawly, Bats (Summer)
  • Free Play (All Year)
  • Parties (Autumn, Summer)

How can I pay?

  1. Bacs
  2. Cash
  3. Cheque
  4. Childcare Vouchers
  5. Tax free childcare

Is there a sibling discount?

There are no sibling discounts as each child, related or not, takes up a valuable space in each of the clubs.

Do I still need to pay if my child is absent from the club e.g. sickness, on a school trip, on holiday, at a friend’s house, being collected by a relative?

Yes – the session is still chargeable. Parents commonly make the mistake of thinking that if they give two weeks’ notice then they won’t get charged. This is not the case – the two weeks’ notice rule is for permanent changes to the contract. You will be charged against your contracted days.

Can I swap sessions if I need to?

Whilst we aim to be flexible in providing a service that meets your needs, no swaps are allowed due to staffing arrangements and ratios. Any additional sessions required will be charged at the usual rate subject to availability.

Do you take children from other schools?

At each of the three sites we only accept children from the individual schools.