About Happy Faces OOSC

‘Our philosophy at Happy Faces Out of School Club is to continuously self-evaluate what we do, how we do it and find ways to make the service even better. We believe that continuous improvement leads to better outcomes for the children we care for so they are safe, happy and stimulated. We strongly encourage parents and carers to be involved in that process too.’

(Jane Casey, Strategic Director)

Achieving 94% satisfaction rates and over in both clubs, according to a recent survey (June 2022), Happy Faces Out of School Care Ltd provides safe and reliable before and after school care, term time only, currently at two primary schools in Horwich near Bolton (Claypool and Chorley New Road ). The Company was established in 2016 and each site accepts children from their own individual school settings.

The settings are owned and strategically managed by Jane Casey, mum of three. Jane set up the first before and after school club back in 2006 at Claypool Primary School (under a different registration) due to working full time and not having any family close by to help with the school runs.

When my first child started primary school I had no idea how I was going to get my child to and from school in school hours and still be able to work full time.  I also didn’t like the offsite setting he was attending, being collected and taken to a building half a mile away where he was just placed in front of a television with no activities organised. Luckily I had a friend who had set up a club in Croston in Chorley, so I used their model, took as much advice as I could and used the skills I had acquired in the public and private sector to make it a success’.

Since then Jane has gone on to acquire a Teaching Assistant Level 3 to ensure she has the right qualification to support the settings.

It has grown since it was first registered and we have a team of over 10 staff working across multiple sites, with some of those staff being there almost from the start. I consider myself very lucky to be working alongside such a great team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff’.

The team consists of qualified staff including Level 3  or above, Level 2 and some apprentices working towards Level 2.

"Achieving very high satisfaction rates"

Happy Faces OOSC Ltd works in close partnership with other organisations including the Head Teachers at the schools they are located in, Bolton Council Early Years Team and Work Force Development, the Out of School Alliance, Bolton College and similar outstanding settings to ensure we are a learning organisation and one which operates best practice. Members of the team regularly attend the Ofsted Big Conversation Conferences in their own time on a Saturday to ensure they are kept up to date with emerging topics.

Feel welcome to browse the parent zone for useful information, particularly the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.